Ministry Director Church of God in Arkansas

Jim Eustace

3200 Shadow Creek Dr.

Benton, AR, 72019

Phone  1-501-551-7340

Email  jimeustace@att.net


State Elder Board

Ivory Curry (Chairman)  (Phone)  1-501-818-4658  (Email) curryrev@centurytel.net

Kevin Sims  (Phone)  1-870-353-8725  (Email)  kevinalesa@yahoo.com

Bob Burchfield  (Phone)  1-501-776-7157 (Email)  bob.burchfield@baptist-health.org

Shane Matthews  (Phone)  1-870-820-3447 (Email)  smithchapelcog@mac.com

Michael Blasingame  (Phone)  (501)467-5687 (Email) mjblasing@gmail.com


State Treasurer

Checks and correspondence need to be sent to:

JMH Tax Service

Attn. Debra Fleming

6213 Father Tribou, Ste. 2

Little Rock, AR, 72205

Phone  1-501-568-6865

Fax  1-501-664-3030

Email  dflemingemail@aol.com